Conduct & Discipline

Conduct & Discipline

  • 1. Students are responsible to the Principle for their behavior, both in and outside the college.

  • 2. Students should maintain silence in the classes, library, reading room and in the corridors when lectures are held.

  • 3. Students should make every effort to take care of the college and hospital property, and help in maintaining it. They should not write on black board, not scribble on tables, chairs and walls.

  • 4. Any intentional damage did to the property of the college and hospital will be damage with as a breach of discipline.

  • 5. If a student is required to get leave from the college or hospital in the middle of the day for an emergency, the student must get it sanctioned from his/her class teacher/supervisor and a letter must be produced from parents or guardian.

  • 6. When student wants to withdraw from the college, the parent or guardian should intimate this in writing, giving reasons.

  • 7. Students are required to maintain the high ethical and professional behavior laid down by the college authorities, both in and outside the college, hospital and community.

  • 8. Rules are subject to change.

  • 9. All decisions taken by the Principal are final and binding.

  • 10. Parents/guardians must meet the Principal when called for.

  • 11. Parents/guardians are required to furnish their specimen signature in the presence of the class teacher, at the beginning of every academic year.

  • 12. Possession of arms and or any banned substances like drugs, consumption of alcohol, use of tobacco in any form is strictly prohibited.

  • 13. No student should engage himself/herself in ragging.

  • 14. It is a criminal offence now and may lead to punished of Rs. 10,000 & 2 years imprisonment.

  • 15. Any violation of rules will invite disciplinary action according to the discretion of the college authorities and if necessary, dismissal from the college may be considered depending upon the seriousness of the violation.